Morning mist on Ditchling Beacon

These images shot on GAF 500 transparency film back in the mid 70’s began my photographic journey and love affair with pointillism. It was a beautiful emulsion and very fast in it’s day for a colour transparency film. It produced grainy images which could be further enhanced by ‘pushing’ the film to a higher ASA speed and increasing the first development time to compensate.

The film helped me develop a style of photography which I have stayed true to for over 40 years. It needed careful handling to extract any detail at all out of the shadows but gave such beautiful pointillist images. Unfortunately it fell out of favour relatively quickly in a world that wanted grain free, sharp images – regretfully a style which most photographers prefer today. It was very much a ‘marmite’ film!

Perhaps one of it’s most well known exponents was photographer Sarah Moon, producing the beautiful 1972 Pirelli Tyre Calendar using the film stock to great effect.

All Images  © John Russell 2023


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